If pirating Beyoncé’s Lemoande was all we had to do to avoid TIDAL-exclusive material, I’m sure the short illegal activity would be chosen every time over paying $9.99 a month for everything you already have on Apple Music or Spotify plus Lemonade. I mean, even Jay-Z’s 4:44 is on Apple Music and Spotify. Lemonade and a couple artist’s music videos seem to be all of the truly exclusive content available. Paying for TIDAL has become a joke in the music industry, but the newest addition to the streaming service might just have some people (including myself) turn heads.

Pirating an album is one thing, but imagine if new content was released every week. Joey Bada$$ announced this week that he’s partnered with TIDAL for a new podcast called 47 Minutes. It’s an interesting new addition (for a big podcast listener), as there’s no real way to access podcast episodes except for where they’re hosted. Luckily, all of the podcasts I’ve ever wanted to listen to have been accessible via Apple’s Podcasts app, but Joey Bada$$’s 47 Minutes being accessible only on TIDAL offers a new avenue of content that TIDAL could take full advantage of.

While Apple Music might have radio shows from Zane Lowe, Run the Jewels, and Frank Ocean, it’s merely playlists compared to what a full podcast could offer. According to Joey Bada$$, 47 Minutes will encompass “hip hop, politics, spirituality and whatever the f— else I want.” The podcast will reportedly also be recorded visually as well. There’s no release date for 47 Minutes as of yet, but if it’s successful, TIDAL might be able to build a full roster of podcasts led by popular artists being able to interview and speak about whatever they want, an intriguing new field for music streaming that takes advantage of the underrated and always rising field of podcasts.

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