Short of a “only ones she love as much as me is Jesus Christ and Chancelor” reference or some”Ack!” ad-libs, Taylor is most undoubtedly Chance The Rapper’s younger brother. Following is his brother’s footsteps, Broad Shoulders is all about Taylor proving that it runs in the family. As an independent artist, Taylor chose to include zero samples on the record to not only avoid legal sampling rights, but also to show what Taylor Bennett sounds like. His music, much like The Social Experiment’s and Surf, promotes good vibes and introspective narratives. The only new underlying theme is that of a breakup; running into her, asking what happened – Taylor’s version of Kanye West’s “We coulda been somebody!” It’s more somber and reflective, though still with a hint of dignity and swagger left in him. Like I said, he’s most undoubtedly Chance’s brother.

 Nonetheless I don’t want to keep comparing him to Chance, but at the same time how do I not? The older brother to younger brother influence is all over the place. He’s his own person, don’t get me wrong, I can tell it’s Taylor rapping and not Chance, but the voice is so similar right down to the rhyme scheme and flow structure. He’s like 10Day Chance, just budding up. The choruses are insanely catchy, like those of “Wasting Time,” “Fall Back Fools,” “H.Y.B.L.,” (maybe my favorite of the album), and “Broad Shoulders,” the title track, maybe the most important track on the album. Definitely the one I almost cried on, “Broad Shoulders” features a heartwarming verse from his older brother Chance the Rapper:

“I’ve been too quick with the advice
I just wanna be right like a dad right?
When you walkin’ in my shoes I’mma tie it tight
You could tie a tie like you ride a bike
Ichabod cry when he ride at night
Head on his shoulders ain’t his own
Someone told him his favorite song
Someone told him to watch his tone
Someone warned him of danger zones
Who forced the hand to make the clone?
Who stands in line to take the throne?
We only know what we know until someone knows better
A rose by any other text will still be Rosetta, hmm”

 The song revolves around the idea stated on that “it’s important to listen to feedback and criticism, whether it’s from professional critics or fans, to become successful. He has to observe his surroundings to grow both as an artist and as a person.” “My thing with my brother is that he always wanted me to work on myself and create my own name before we got to work together,” said Taylor, “he always knew that I was great enough to get a fanbase and sell out shows and get a lot of views. It’s a very meaningful song to our family and our next generation.” Now that Taylor’s selling out shows himself, it all looks pretty promising.