Snoop Dogg’s newest project is a TBS game show by the title of “The Joker’s Wild,” which features zany and borderline subjective questioning for the goal of $25,000. Just for a little taste, the first episode entitled “The Game is On… Doggystyle,” reads:

Seth Rogen tells us what celeb he most wants to get high with. Snoop quizzes a pot farming party planner and a Pokemon master on names of pot strains and uses his superpowers to meld with their minds. The Winner spins for a chance at $25,000.

Some of the wildest question topics include an odd and frequent fascination with Jewish culture, making animal sounds, guessing celebrity knowledge, and knowing about hip-hop music and culture. Although there’s some great parts of the show including references to his hit track “Double Up” with R. Kelly, the funniest moment of the first four episodes came with the question from the topic “Gin and Jews”: “What’s the name of the traditional jam commonly played at Jewish weddings?”

Let’s pause right here.

Besides referring to “Hava Nagila,” the question’s correct answer, as a “jam,” it marks the third category over four episodes that have involved Judaism, which brings up an interesting question… did I miss something? Is Snoop Dogg Jewish now or when did his fascination with Judaism begin, because he seemingly doesn’t know anything about the culture itself?

The three options as answers for the question were:

A) Dayenu (which Snoop pronounces wrong)
B) Hava Nagila (the right answer)
and C) Hakuna Matata (not a Hebrew song, but Snoop also pronounces it wrong)

The funniest part however, is not that Snoop Dogg pronounces two of the possible answers wrong, or that Judaism is one of the recurring topics of the show, but that Snoop Dogg doesn’t know that “Hakuna Matata” is from The Lion King and not a Hebrew song. When the audience laughs at him for pronouncing “Hakuna” as “Hakunu,” Snoop jokes that the show should’ve told him how to pronounce these songs before coming out on T.V., and then asks if he’s “doing it right” before moving on with the show.

It was a scene that clearly showed that Snoop Dogg believed that “Hakuna Matata” was just another Hebrew song like “Dayenu” or “Hava Nagila,” and not a very popular song from Disney’s The Lion King. Most of the time, I have no idea what’s happening on the show, but it’s moments like this that make the idiocy of it all hilariously stand out.

You can also play “The Joker’s Wild” computer game with an animated Snoop Dogg whenever you want over at TBS here.