For over 20 years, Gucci Mane has given the Gucci brand free advertising and fame in the rap world. Now, Gucci is finally paying it forward by including the rap titan in its new Gucci Cruise 2020 Campaign, alongside Iggy Pop and actress Sienna Miller.

Photography for the campaign was done by Harmony Korine, who worked with Gucci Mane previously on the film Spring Breakers, depicting Gwop in the bath with the new Gucci throwback sneakers, flashing his Gucci tattoo’s, and getting a luxurious massage.



The latter photograph will be the album cover for the newly announced Woptober II, Gucci Mane’s second album of 2019, and near-100th project, mixtapes included. The album, due out Oct. 18, will presumably feature his latest single, “Richer Than Everybody” with DaBaby and YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

The new Gucci campaign tells the story of a, “party at the villa, where guests naturally arrive in a limousine or helicopter, because the cliché is inalienable irony,” explained the official press release.

Gucci should step back and just let Gucci Mane and Dapper Dan run the company. Imagine if we had chic prison wear in The State vs. Radric Davis days. Imagine the “Brrr!” campaign.

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