It’s 2019, which means it’s time for another class of rap verses. Last year’s dozen included legendary artists such as Busta Rhymes, Royce da 5’9″, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, a whole lot of Black Thought, as well as newcomers Jon Connor, Reason, and Noname, and 2019 is already shaping up to be another showcase of great new talent.

The first month of the year saw releases from Future, Noname, YNW Melly, Boogie, and the stellar “Meet Again” by Maxo Kream, but the best verse of the month comes hands down from a surprising source: Kash Doll.

Featuring on the new Dreezy record, “Chanel Slides” is your standard hip-hop meets fashion braggadocio rap with seemingly forced pop culture references, but when Kash Doll appears for the second verse, the song unleashes a whole new kind of beast.

Read the lyrics via Genius and listen to Kash Doll’s verse on “Chanel Slides” by Dreezy below:

[“Chanel Slides” Verse 2: Kash Doll]

I’ma pull up in the Porsche
Me and money married, no divorce (Nah)
Makin’ bitches sick with no remorse
You just gotta let it run its course
See I got the drip like its coke (Yeah)
Snortin’ D, I’m runnin’ down your throat
Hands down, you won’t get a vote
Yogi Bears, they don’t want no smoke (Nah uh)
My neck game match my wrist game
Flawless victory like I’m Liu Kang (I’m Liu Kang)
Your ex-boyfriend is my new main
And I’ma slurp it up like its lo mein (Hahaha)
Face it, big, big checks I chase it
Double C’s even when I’m naked
Sittin’ pretty ready for the taking
And I’m waiting
100 grand wrapped in a rubber band (Woo)
Hit Saks Fifth, I’ma pop that (Yeah)
Spent 20 grand on Chanel bags
Such a bad habit, need to stop that
Ain’t nothing changed but the money
Stack it ’till it starts spillin’ on me
I’m the Shug Avery of this, honey (Yeah)
And y’all hoes sure is ugly (Hahahaha)

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