On the latest episode of Pitchfork‘s “Over/Under” video series, R&B/rap legend Erykah Badu brought some of her crazy to the set to tell some long stories about how everything is underrated, which is way better than saying everything is overrated. Saying that everything is underrated is underrated. Her best story, besides those of swallowing doobies and making home-made splints for a dog’s leg, was about her attempts to reach aliens, ya know, normal Erykah Badu stuff. I expect nothing less from someone once married to André 3000.

“I have not had any close encounters and I’m pissed,” she starts,” and I’m trying to figure out why I’m not good enough for aliens.”  I’m doing everything you can possibly do to get up there,” she continues, “I stay up late by myself and I have a little keyboard and I play the *Close Encounters of the Third Kind* music all the time.”

Aliens, if you’re listening, and if you’re more Steven Spielberg than Ridley Scott, please give Erykah Badu a good ol’ hello. Watch the clip below.

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