Reason and “Season” might rhyme, but that’s not why he has the best verse of the month. There were some pretty decent contenders for the title this month, with records from Brian, U-God, Audio Push, Cozz, Nipsey Hussle, and Bay Area rappers SOB x RBE, but February also saw the release of Black Panther: The Album, containing its own microcosm of amazing musicians and rappers.

[UPDATE] An original posting of this article (3/5/2018) stated that famed South African rapper Reason was the feature on “Seasons,” however, as it turns out, the “Reason” on the Black Panther album is a different rapper entirely. Not much is known about this newcomer other than what I could dig up from an interview with, but apparently he took on the name “Reason,” after the deal with the SA rapper Reason fell under. 

“My team and I worked extremely hard last year, but it was actually a mix of being in the right place at the right time” the “Seasons” rapper told “Another rapper I won’t mention was supposed to have that verse. They were taking a while to get it over to Kendrick and he reached out through a mutual connection and told me to give it a try. He loved what I did so much that he ran with the verse I wrote and moved it to the end of the song.” 

Furthermore, SA rapper Reason tweeted “I’m still not sure what hurts more. Telling you guys that I’m in fact not the “Reason” on the black panther album… or the fact that there’s another “Reason” out there on a project I SHOULD been on. Congratulations to @Sjava_ATM @Saudi_rsa @YugenBlakrok and @BABESWODUMO!!!”

USA’s Reason, with “Seasons” as his apparent big debut, earns the Best Verse of the Month. More on this new “Reason” as information comes about. He’s from Del Amo, CA and his twitter is @iam_reason.

Read the lyrics via Genius and listen to Reason’s verse on “Seasons” from Black Panther: The Album featuring Sjava and Mozzy below:

[Verse 3: Reason]
(Season change) You know we off the stove with it
We stove whippin’, niggas know we gon’ get it
(Season change) Dodgin’ cops
Fuck around and get locked, you ain’t never comin’ home with it
Look, my nigga, I came from the sewer
Don’t shit on my past, you ain’t come from manure
You see Reason and you see LA
But bitch I ain’t come for no ruin
Just know all of my niggas, we struggled for it
Had to hustle for it, cried puddles for it
My pops watched his sister get locked for it
I done seen my niggas get knocked for it like {gunshot}
Gimme that, I carry Del Amo like a piggyback
I carry my city like guilt that ain’t got no forgiveness
No way out, shit we locked in the system
Catch a case and they not gon’ forgive ya
White skin, you be out before Christmas
Shit, auntie missed eight of those days
Tears from me, had to pray those days
Had to slave those days
Shit, we had to hit up a couple hood giveaways those days
Thank God for every inch that he gave us
Thank God for everything cause he made us
Like when that car bent the block, blat blat
Hit the homie but we made it to ER and he saved us
Thinkin’ that he could’ve died, nigga
We was prayin’ to the sky and his momma cried rivers
Healed up, but tough luck, he tried to get revenge
Had to drop, bullets popped and they killed him
Worst part is that it sound so familiar

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