October saw some verses from Big K.R.I.T., Wu-Tang, T.I., Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, Future, and Gucci Mane, but the best lines spit this week weren’t even on a recorded album. With two exceptional guests, Sway in the Morning turned its usual freestyle segment into a cypher between Black Thought of the Roots and Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan, and the two straight tore it up.

Read the lyrics below via Genius and watch via YouTube:

[Verse 1: Method Man]
I’m a hundred miles and still running
This funky drum got a hunnid rounds and still gunning
I’m still dumping one in ya’ pumpkin, I feel nuthin’
The same smoke with a different stroke, you Phil Drummond
I feel stunning on Matt Damon, it’s real stuntin’
I’m good wit’ Will at the Goodwill, Good Will Huntin’
I found that rappers ain’t proactive, I’m still bumpin’
Larceny in my arm, B, I steal somethin’
Or I, might poker face, you still bluffin’
Cousin, call ya’ auntie up, the deal comin’
House of Cards, they see I’m trying to build somethin’
They bearing arms, but this arm can steal from ’em
Chill youngin’, it’s Meth Thuggin’ and Ill-Will
And any problem I can’t solve, then Ill will
Yaktown and Killa Hill, that’s Killville
Five point palm and your heart gone, it’s Kill Bill

[Verse 2: Black Thought]
Shit was all good just a week ago, it wasn’t
They say the money is time and the reaper know the budget
Well, if the limit’s the sky, and we can go above it
The hood metabolism high, heat ain’t good for nuthin’
We was out of hope and hustlin’
Cooking somethin’ down to a reduction
What’s your object of desire? Your topic of discussion
When you agile on your legs
The coastline cradle your ivory castle on the edge
Like a tassle on a fez, listen
Light of day, never see the eyes of the children
With aerosol, we spray to tattoo the face of the building
Night after night, transcend color like a chameleon
Black and white divided the soldier from the civilian
The first cut is the deepest
The worst part is repeated
We play make it and take it
We said, “Finally, keep it”
For building another Egypt, revealing another secret
We eating, making a killing, spilling the blood of Jesus
My conscience was immaculate, before the packages
Now we the advocates for every sort of sacrilege
The higher ground watered down ’til the fire drown
Where a precious life is lost, you and I are found
The message over whether you learn
Beef ain’t over for carrying ashes in an urn
Y’ahm sayin’, yo, that’s diminishing returns
Check it out, Method Man back to burn

[Verse 3: Method Man]
You seen Casino? Well, we live by that credo
A lot of chicken and ski-hoes just to massage the ego
If I’m trippin’, it’s Cee-lo
What you sniffing is Primo
About a quarter kilo will increase your woman libido
And, you know how we go
Whip It like Devo
Lockdown The Strip and then break the key in the keyhole
Not by the peep tho, people this ain’t peep show
This here’ll knock at the do’ with a gun on the peekhole, ha ha
LMAO, I ain’t tell ’em I’m cold
‘Til they nose is runnin’ like I’m out here sellin’ ’em snow
Let me hold somethin’
Youngin’, you can tell or be told
Honey told you she sell a bit, not meaning celibate, no
Is it that y’all don’t live it?
Y’all tweet back, c’mon admit it
Your feet is hungry for feedback, c’mon and get it
Buy a skillet, she ain’t your woman if I hit it
Your seeds be calling me Uncle Meth when I visit it

[Verse 4: Black Thought]
Black Johann Sebastian, the Zohan of fashion
Your kind ain’t really showing no signs of gasping
Go find a caption to explain the neutron and proton attraction
And drop, tell ’em call it Captain Rock
I started at the bottom, now I’m lonely at the top
I ain’t hardly finished climbing, no, I’m only at the top
I figured I should probably show ’em show ’em what I got
So, something nasty skirted off the lot
It’s darker than a kettle iron, blacker than a pot
I am all day composing classics like Vivaldi
Graffiti on the walls of that hallow hallway
The urban legend go from Uruguay to Norway
The gourmet that leave ’em rapping on Heaven’s doorway
The hood fellow with the Hermes edge
Number one storyteller what the survey says
Y’all late to rise, I get up as early as eggs
Grind 8 to 5, preaching to the choir, so sanctified
Move muscle from the hate to the gangsta side
Y’all all the way turnt up, but I’m amplified
And two for ten cruising down Lincoln Drive
Take your time, making history ’cause I’m making mine
On a job, I’m truly Renaissance
Dominate the web, television, movies, and beyond
When a leader get to speaking, it’s your duty to respond
I’ma leave these niggas leaking like I’m Julian Assange
Press rewind, never contest a don
I’m coming from the southside like the Mexican cartel
Coming to flame things
Me and Meth, the legendary Roots crew Tang

[Verse 5: Method Man]
I’m sipping OJ in a Bronco, next to this Henny bottle
Skinny model, she clearly sniffing that Benny Blanco
Mama te llamo, [?]
This ain’t the convo for mi hermano
Let’s get it pronto, half my borough Siciliano
I spits bananas since no one managed to kill Bonanno
Got bad grammar, but y’all don’t quote me, I keep it bama
Like Thor, and I get lowkey, so keep a hammer
And you can’t touch this
‘Bout my chicken, you barely cutlets
These rappers is barely cutting the mustard
I’m so disgusted, so disgusted, I can’t discuss it
If Metro Boomin can’t even trust it, don’t even touch it
Won’t be a puppet, you bring me drama, I Bring da Ruckus
To be specific, want real to kick it? I’ll bring the buckets
I be the roughest, rootin’ tootin-est slang shootin’
No plan for losing, man, I’m just planning a Clan reunion

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