July saw some great releases from Tyler, the Creator, Vince Staples, Vic Mensa, and recently Aminé, but this month’s best verse goes to not only the first female rapper to win Best Verse of the Month on the Roseandblog, but a surprising female MC at that. The Lady of Rage, a past collaborator with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre on records like The Chronic and Doggystyle, appeared strong this month on MC Eiht’s first big return in over ten years, Which Way Iz West. 

On the track “Heart Cold,” The Lady of Rage displays some truly impressive bars with an incredible rhyme scheme. Read the lyrics below and listen via Apple Music or Spotify:

[The Lady of Rage – “Heart Cold” by MC Eiht]
It’s the original, seminal, emcee criminal,
Literal lyrical pinnacle of women who rap
The inhospitable, un-fuck-wittable villain sent here to finish you
No subliminal, I’m just givin’ you facts
I hit the track, the reaction is chemical
Spitting you lines of invisible force, i’ll torch ten of you wack
Empty emcees, nobodies feelin’ you,
Now I’m fillin’ you up with premium
leaving em curious killing these cats,
Stepping to Rage without your weapon and gauge
is like catching a fade from Kimbo,
I slice up any one of these bimbos and all their kinfolks
and never scuff up my timbos,
(His heart is cold) but mine been froze
I’ll toss that ass out a limo window and into limbo,
then go switch up the tempo and murder the stage, see,
She’s alright, but she’s not rage, shit,
Neither is he though, i’m ill, I need chemo,
I’m live, it’s no TIVO, rewind my whole stylo,
Maleficent flow evil, magnificent no equal,
And in the spur of the moment, i’m like the Spurs in that moment,
And it hurt don’t it? When I stick my spurs in my opponent, yeah

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