Meek Mill vs. Drake, the Game and Beanie Sigel

Meek Mill is a disgrace to rap. There I’ve said it. Now you know how I feel about him. It’s not because of how he picks fights with everyone however, it’s because of the horrible things he promotes in his music, his homophobia, and his blatant disregard to being a decent human being for once in his life. The Game showed him his place in his remix of Young M.A’s “Ooouuu” called “Pest Control” and the line “They say the meek shall inherit the Earth, so I went and dug your ass up ’cause Drizzy buried you first” might be the greatest rap lyric of 2016. XXL covered it all here.

Wu-Tang Clan vs. Martin Shkreli

After purchasing their one-copy only album for $2 million, Shkreli was arrested for corrupt pharmaceutical practices and then the internet tried to start rumors that Wu-Tang was going to steal it back. Ghostface demands Shkreli give it back, Shkreli tells the world he’ll stream it if Trump wins the presidency, and then… we got the stream. XXL covered it all here.

B.o.B. vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson

B.o.B. believed that the world was flat, made a song about it, and then Neil deGrasse Tyson made a diss rap… you have to hear it over at NPR to believe it.

Kodak Black vs. Lil Yachty/E-40/Lil Wayne and the World

How this all started, was when Kodak Black heard “Broccoli” by D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty just last week, and thought Yachty had stolen the term “broccoli” from him, forgetting that E-40 coined it back in the 90’s. Then, randomly, he states that he’s not only a better rapper than Lil Wayne, but the greatest rappers of all time… and this is coming from the guy who wore a vanilla colored suit to an all white-suit XXL Freshman cover and is currently under investigation for sexual assault…

Lil Yachty vs. Classic Hip-Hop

Lil Yachty said in an interview with Billboard that he didn’t know five songs from either Biggie or Tupac, and the internet got up in arms about it. Yachty stands by his comments.

21 Savage vs. 22 Savage

A rapper-comedian created the identity of 22 Savage, stating that he was better than recent XXL Freshman 21 Savage and the internet went off, some in support of the newly surfaced 22 Savage. What became a hilarious feud between rapper and copycat could have lasted longer, but 21 Savage got too popular for the copycat to stay trolling. He even looked a lot like him. HipHopDX covered it all here.

Justin Bieber vs. Selema Gomez & Instagram

Performing in London, Justin Bieber asked his fans, “Who thinks I should get my Instagram back?” after the Selena Gomez cheating dispute earlier this year. Followed by an uproar of screams, Justin shot back, saying, “Instagram is for the devil. I think hell is Instagram,” he continued, “I’m 90 percent sure.” Other social media sites like Twitter are apparently okay, as he recently posted thanking his dad for his good looks and #biebergenes, but not Instagram. That’s for the devil. He could be wrong though—he’s only “90 percent sure.”

Kanye West & Kim vs. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift took offense to a line off of Kanye’s album where he says “I made that bitch famous,” although Kim and Kanye proved that Taylor had approved the line, producing a recorded voicemail of the pop-star. Ouch. People covered the whole thing here.

Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose

After Wiz Khalifa tweeted that he didn’t like Kanye’s choice of album title, Kanye took to twitter and got real aggressive. “You have distracted from my creative process,” Kanye writes, trashing his pants and stating “I own your child!!!!,” before Wiz’s girlfriend, Kanye’s ex, weighed in with some talk of ass-play that Kanye responded with “I don’t do that…”

Kid Cudi vs. Drake and Kanye West

Kid Cudi had an epic twitter rant calling out Kanye West and Drake before apologizing and coming out with anxiety, depression, and trouble with drugs. He recently got a lot of help and just released a new album, but the internet and even the rap community had a lot to say about it. Drake, for one, still hasn’t backed down on the bashing.

Kanye West’s Meltdown vs. The World

Right after Cudi, Kanye had a meltdown after Kim’s robbery and cancelled a ton of shows before going completely ape shit and being rushed to the hospital. He apparently got some well needed rest, but is still crazy as a hair color change and a meeting with Donald Trump have people very displeased with him, even close friends.