I was a big fan of last year’s Mutilator Defeated At Last, so much so that I ended my review with “the more the better.” Thee Oh Sees, a band with sixteen albums over thirteen years, answered my call with two new records this year, A Weird Exits and its companion record An Odd Entrances.

theeohsees3Going more pysch-rock than the experimental and western feeling Mutilator, I wasn’t as into these two records as much as I was of Mutilator. I hadn’t become a Thee Oh Sees fan until that record anyway, so it wasn’t surprising to me to not like the direction of these two records, but it just feels less original and interesting than Mutilator. For someone described as “drinks jet fuel for breakfast”, John Dwyer and the rest of the band seem too stagnant and creatively muted. Knowing Thee Oh Sees, however, we’ll probably see another release just next year.