“Josh, where do you find all these artists I’ve never heard of? Who the hell is Philip Selway?” Philip Selway is the drummer for Radiohead, and the fact that you had no idea that the drummer for one of the biggest bands out there released a solo album under his own name has nothing to do with your knowledge of music, and is way more the fault of Philip Selway’s marketing team, if there was one at all.

There’s a couple of things that hold this record back from being really really great. It’s a bit too airy and ambient. I listen to this wishing that most of the songs sounded more like Nirvana’s MTV unplugged with all of the effects turned off, except for maybe some reverb. The other thing I noticed, Selway has a good voice. He should sing with Yorke on more Radiohead songs. This album has a lot of potential and contains a lot of great songs, my only problem was regarding it’s execution.