You KNOW who it had to be, the legendary André 3000, one half of Outkast, Mr. three stacks himself. He might spend his time on a spaceship away from Earth, only to come save us in our greatest time of need like Thor, but yes lawd does he always deliver.

Sure, April 2019 gave us the “Old Town Road” remix, Supa Bwe’s Just Say Thank You EP with Chance, Kevin Abstract’s Ghettobaby releases, Saba & Pivot Gang’s You Can’t Sit With Us, Rico Nasty’s Anger Management, and ScHoolboy Q’s CrasH Talk, but you can’t deny André his due, easily one of the top five alive.

Read the lyrics via Genius and listen to André 3000’s verse on Anderson .Paak’s “Come Home” below:

[Verse 3: André 3000]
You’re all I need, all of me on my knees
Normally harmony, bumblebee, hummingbird
I’m a nerd, study you
What are you, WWF?
We fightin’, we might need counseling
Possibly moreso me
Sounds to me frowns’ll be grounds to leave
Hounds’ll be lookin’ for you before you drop a tear, apres diem
Stop pretending that I ain’t him
I ain’t them, dim sum dumpling
I remember when you start dyeing them silver hairs
And start hiding from your age
I ask, “Why? How come?”
Amazin’ how time can run away from us
I’m no nun, you’re no priest, but I promise, hun, you gon’ see
A phenomenon, come with me
Like it’s Ramadan, I don’t eat
Like it’s Comic Con, I’m a freak for you (Yeah!)
I’m begging now, pretty please with cherries on top
Hairy wet twat
Harriet Tub-man, I don’t give up
And if your gut tells you to strut, then strut
Then I’ll hail you a car, but what man won’t beg?
You know I’m nutmeg
I will show up on a lil’ moped
With a lil’ puppy, it’ll be fluffy
You will un-toughen, we can discuss it
You know I’m sufferin’, I do miss my friend
I don’t like my fin bent up, Tilikum, well, that’s ill-informed
Sweet stuff, Willa Wonk’, we stuck, Billabong
‘Least at minumum we gon’ get along
Peace and inner calm, geez, it’s been a long
T-I-M-E, um, please, I’m feelin’ dumb
Please, I’m feelin’ dumb
Please, I’m feelin’ dumb

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