The Summer has been hot with rap releases, as this month added an amazing output to June’s Kanye West and Drake onslaught with verses from Brockhampton, Chance the Rapper, T-Pain, DRAM, Buddy, 88Rising, MF DOOM, Mac Miller, and Denzel Curry. Chance’s verse on “I Might Need Security” and T-Pain’s remix of Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” both came close, but neither could top one of the fastest rappers alive, the almighty Busta Rhymes.

Throwin’ it down “Look At Me Now”-style on Anderson .Paak’s remix of ‘Bubblin’,” Busta Rhymes busts out one of his fastest verses in awhile, and it flows amazingly over the Jahlil Beats produced beat. It might just be a rowdy joint, but the delivery is top notch.

Read the lyrics via Genius and listen to Busta Rhymes’ remix of Anderson .Paak’s “Bubblin'” below:

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]

Every time I come I hit a nigga in the middle
Hit a nigga high, hit a nigga low (Aye!)
And as I fuck it up a little more
Kill ’em and I get ’em
And they whine when they hit the floor (Yeah!)
And while I’m guzzlin’ a little bit of yack ’cause the spot bubblin’ my nigga, where the dough? (Where it at?!)
Now put the motherfucking money in the bag
Hurry up my nigga right now, gotta go
So much truth in the nigga head
Like the water gonna pop
Boilin’ and bubblin’ and its takin’ everything I got
I got a boy and he strugglin’ no matter how they wanna pop
Boy we be husslin’ and try to make a nigga stop
We huntin’ and then moshin’ and then messin’ and then we beat him in the head
‘Til we got him tumblin’ and shufflin’ and mumblin’ and tusslin’
And have a hard time recoverin’
Back for more than truce (ay ay ay)
One’s in the air, everybody better put ’em up
Everybody better get to the back
Stack money, nigga get it up
Know what I mean
Every time we pull up niggas wilin’ on the scene
Step back, look jack, fuck around and make a nigga
Black back till you sound like a fiend
Any time that I come and I get up in the buildin’
Niggas already know there’s gonna be a killin’
And I give you more, hit ’em with the raw
Uncut pure raw coke, that’ll keep a nigga shiverin’
See me I don’t give a damn
When I smoke this gurkah
Bitches they be fightin’ and be bickerin’
Niggas know to give it up
And nothing to question, better believe we be deliverin’
(let’s go!)

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