The newest iteration of the Teen Titans animated cartoon, Teen Titans Go!, pales in comparison to its original Teen Titans run from 2003-2006, but the newest Go! episode entitled “TV Knight 2” has something that I never expected the dumbed-down and childishly drawn new season to pull off: a hit song.

Teen Titans fans will recognize the love triangle in which Beast Boy can’t decide between Raven, who recently has feelings for him despite years of rejection, and Terra, a former villain-turned-hero who is new to the team. The song, named “Catching Villains,” plays on the pronunciation of “villains” to sound like “feelings” as Beast Boy juggles between his two suitors.

I can’t speak for the rest of Teen Titans Go!, as I would 100% suggest watching the original Teen Titans show instead, but they’ve surprisingly got a potentially huge hit on their hands with this one right here. Listen and watch below:

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