September saw a flurry of great verses this month: Loaded Lux’s freestyle, Nicki Minaj’s verse on Fergie’s “You Already Know,” and verses galore from Rapsody’s latest release Laila’s Wisdom, including “You Should Know,” Kendrick Lamar on “Power,” and GQ on “Ridin’.” Ultimately however, the best verse of September didn’t come from such well known names in hip-hop as Best-Verse-favorite Kendrick Lamar, or Queen’s of Rap Nicki Minaj and Rapsody.

September’s best verse is from underground rapper Apathy, a 38 year-old MC from the rap scene in Connecticut, on a track named “Live From the Iron Curtain,” off of his and O.C.’s joint release, Perestroika. Full of impressive rhyme scenes and loads of wit, like that emphasized on his most well known song “It Takes A Seven Nation Army To Hold Us Back,” Apathy’s opening verse to “Live From the Iron Curtain” is a course in lyrical dexterity, and makes the point that Apathy is no veteran rapper to be slept on.

Read the lyrics below via Genius and listen via Apple Music or Spotify:

[Apathy – 1st Verse of “Live From the Iron Curtain” by Apathy & O.C.]
I keep my mind on the cheddar, the nine on the dresser
The rhyme is a lecture, the violent professor
That shines under pressure, a diamond-ish texture
I’m the flyest forever, I’m fly as a Cessna
You wonder why you ridin’ a Vespa
And I arrive in a fresher ride, leave you tied to a stretcher
You stressin’ and petrified that you gon’ die when I catch ya
I’m the best alive, lines electrifyin’ like Tesla
Survivin’ the test of time and you in line buyin’ Kesha
Rob you blind with a nine, what a bind when they find you in pine
With a spike through ya spine and I spat in the spot where they left ya
I’m the god of the best of the best of the best and the better
Every muthafucker ever, from ’85 to forever
Take 85 of ya craziest favorite rhymes and they lesser
Than 8 or 9 of my laziest lines that I threw together
It’s stupid to measure or stoop to the level
Of you atheist 85 percenters, or any other percentage
I’ll wait ’til you 85 and you dyin’ and got dementia
Then enter ya nursin’ center and kick you right in the dentures
My intention is turnin’ you earthlings into indentured servants
And then it’s curtains, and then I’m certain you men are serpents
Fuckin’ snakes, you sketchier than Professor Snape
I devastate any rappers that try to replicate
Send em to heaven’s gate, but they ain’t on the guest list
Now they don’t even exist, please show em the exits

Reportin’ live from the muthafuckin’ Iron Curtain
I don’t think that I’m nice, homie – I am certain
Try to step to this mic, I might uppercut ya
Ice cold, flow strong like Mother Russia

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