It might be surprising that rap’s next great clique is forming in San Marcos, Texas, but Kevin Abstract’s group, Brockhampton, has been gaining an Odd Future amount of attention with their record Saturation and its sequel Saturation II. While there were rap verses a plenty this month from artists such as A$AP Rocky, Lil B, Milo, Ugly God, Action Bronson, Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTentacion, and a fantastic verse from Busta Rhymes on A$AP Ferg’s “East Coast (Remix),” the clear winner is Kevin Abstract’s verse on Brockhampton’s “Junky,” off of their record Saturation II.

Speaking on the lack of gay rappers in the hip-hop community and the treatment of homophobia in the rap industry, Kevin Abstract’s verse solidifies himself as the rapper to fuck, because he can clearly dish it right back out. As Lil Wayne once said on “Watch My Shoes,” “Why they started me? I’ll bring it to your front door like you ordered me.”

Read the lyrics below via Genius, watch the video, and listen via Apple Music or Spotify:

[Kevin Abstract – 1st Verse of “JUNKY” by Brockhampton]
I spit my heart out, lookin’ out for my best interests
He gave me good head, peepin’ out while the windows tinted
I speak in tongues, and I arrive without a damn mention
It’s kinda sick and I was born in 1996 and
1999 the only year that I remember
I slip through the cracks without havin’ a damn temper
I bleach my hair because these bitches all about they bitchin’
I say shit when I rap and y’all niggas barely listen
I do the most for the culture, nigga, by just existing
Delete my tweets ’cause I’m ashamed of being a fuckin’ Simpson
I told my mom I was gay, why the fuck she ain’t listen?
I signed a pub deal and her opinion fuckin’ disappearin’
I’m payin’ bills for my sister and tryna fund her business
Is it homophobic to only hook up with straight niggas?
You know, like closet niggas, masc-type
Why don’t you take that mask off? That’s the thought I had last night
“Why you always rap about bein’ gay?”
‘Cause not enough niggas rap and be gay
Where I come from niggas get called “faggot” and killed
So I’ma get head from a nigga right here
And they can come and cut my hand off and
And my legs off and
And I’ma still be a boss ’til my head go, yeah

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