March was a busy month in rap. Thankfully, with no more beefs to dominate the headlines the usual record roll-out could continue (though Rick Ross did have a couple of jabs on “Apple of My Eye” and “Idols Become Rivals”). March saw releases from 9th Wonder collaborator Murs, St. Louis’ Smino, Drake’s More Life “playlist,” GoldLink, Raekwon, Kodak Black, Young Dolph, Dreamville’s new signee J.I.D., Freddie Gibbs, and a new Kendrick Lamar single “Humble.”

However, the stand out verse, and maybe even album, was “Santorini Greece” off of Rick Ross’ Rather You Than Me. Besides the stellar production, it’s the first record from Rick Ross that I’ve actually enjoyed in a real long while. Speaking about more than just his wealth, Ross actually rhymes about racism and how hard it was for him to become as successful as he is today. He also does it with some damn decent wordplay such as “when you black, lips chapped ’cause the game cold” and “my money long, you know I’m out your reach.” nice.

Peep the verse below via Genius and listen via Apple Music:

[Rick Ross – “Santorini Greece” Verse 3]
We in the last days, these racist agendas
Blatant double standards because I’m a nigga
Jesse Jackson on them people payroll (fuck him)
When you black, lips chapped ’cause the game cold
I’m givin’ niggas jobs when I sing songs (let’s go)
White man love me when I get my bling on
But you hate me buyin’ real estate in foreign land (what)
Respect my genius, all my people Portishead (what)
Room full of cloaks and they countin’ votes
Million man march and I’m takin’ notes
Made it to the top, you thought they saw a ghost (yeah)
Facin’ tax evasion, niggas sell they soul
So sellin’ dope was the path we chose
And now it’s boats and the Belaire Rose
Rich niggas in the set and stone
Neck rocky, Sylvester Stallone
See me in Capris or them Andes
Santorini, Greece with a dime piece
My money long, you know I’m out your reach
Only fat nigga joggin’ on the beach (haha)
Versace underwear but see the ass crack
Oblivious to how rapid my cash stack
I’m a pistol totter, fuck I’m votin’ for? (fuck ’em)
If I could, I’d drop a bomb, let’s take ’em all to war (fuck ’em)
My favorite shorty out of Baltimore
Every Chanel you know I bought it for her (I got that)
All the arguments she never called the law
I was never home but hid the money in the walls
Constant visits from the A.T.F.
So I copped some cribs in the A.T.L.
Martha Stewart decorated both (ha)
Snoop Dogg donated the smoke