I missed a lot in 2016. This may not be all the space some of these records deserve, but it’s just me after all. Here’s me catching up.

Joyce Manor: I heard these guys were punk from someone, I don’t remember who, but they said “punk.” 1) Joyce Manor is not punk, and 2) they’re barely as listenable as Revolution Radio by Green Day (below). Sure, they’re young guys in the post-emo world I guess, but it’s so upbeat and garage band feeling. Not the kind of garage band like Pavement or Built to Spill, more like four guys after school whining through their “alternative” music. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s whiny teen music.

green-day-radioGreen Day: It’s been a hard road since American Idiot, from the autotune of “21 Guns,” to the “American Idiot” musical, the trio of stunt releases in one year, and the 18-track record of demo’s no one really needed. Returning with Revolution Radio, it almost seemed like the band had matured until opening track “Somewhere Now” makes the left turn into Green Day-town. Revolution Radio is exactly as corny as middle-school pop-punk gets, It’s just frankly a sound and group that I could care less about in 2016.

AF_2016_LP_Jacket_PRINT.inddRock-group American Football made a comeback this year as well, releasing their sophomore record 17 years since their debut back in 1999. From listening to their new record however, you wouldn’t really hear such a giant gap. Possibly due to their maturity, it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the white alt-rock variety I couldn’t stand this year (or ever), but instead is full of rich songwriting and a decent years of Death Cab for Cutie feel. There’s a nice inclusion of vibraphone on “Give Me the Gun,” which is always appreciated, however. Find the silver lining in everything folks.