Dreezy got a lot of attention after her XXL interview, where it was later announced that her debut record would feature the newly released Gucci Mane, Wale, Jeremih and T-Pain. First off, there’s a phone call skit to start off the goddamn album, and if there’s anything I’m done with, it’s phone call skits. Second, even with Gucci Mane on the opener, it’s a really rough start (no hard feelings), proving how important your first impression is.

Standouts include “Close to You” with T-Pain, produced by Terrace Martin using the “Mortal Man” track from To Pimp A Butterfly/Velvet Portraits, “Afford My Love” with Wale, also produced by Martin, and the last track “Invincible,” produced by ZthePro, a recent grad from NYU’s Music Technology program, and a friend of mine.

On the other hand, Canadian T-Pain and Chris Brown wannabe Tory Lanez sounds like every trap-pop/R&B whatever genre song you hear and think “this sounds like radio.”

tory-lanezHis debut record I Told You is a daunting 28-tracks long, but basically every song has its own incoherent skit so it’s only really 14 tracks if you hit “skip” 14 times. Tory Lanez’ songs are basically comprised of phrases like “Every nigga fuck a nigga ain’t no nigga fuckin’ bitches like me,” which isn’t actually a lyric from the album. It fucking might as well be though, because “did I fuck around and drop the top on niggas when them niggas thought I wouldn’t / Did I fuck your bitch or something, what I did to ya why you fronting on me” from the song “Flex” are real lyrics. ‘Nough said.