Bucket List Project is probably one of the weaker albums that I’ve heard come from Chicago rappers this year. Not to say that Saba isn’t a decent rapper–tracks like “Angels” from Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book and “Church/Liquor Store” with Noname were great songs–he just doesn’t seem to have a place among the highly saturated Chicago rap market right now. Everyone seems to have their niche other than Saba. The bucket list concept was pretty great, except for some of the bucket list proposals like sleeping with Kylie Jenner, which seem just straight up for shout out, and Saba’s actually a decent rapper, I just think he has some time to grow as an artist.


Come As You Are by Audio Push is one of my favorite rap mixtapes. They have yet to impress me since A Good Vibe Tribe‘s “Mary Jane/Impala,” but I still have a lot of respect and hope for the duo of Price and Oktane. 90951 is a fine record, it’s just full of things that I already knew Audio Push could better. Tracks like “Spread Love,” “Leftside” and “Praise You” with Musiq Soulchild are clear standouts, but 90951 doesn’t blow me away like Come As You Are did. Where’s the next “Shine.”

tipusorelseT.I. a.k.a. TIP, has been out of the game for awhile. Once killing the game, he dropped out after losing relevance to the height of the 2010’s newcomers. I don’t even think I’ve heard about or seen him since Paperwork two years ago. Taking a new stance on Us or Else, T.I. gets political, shook by the massive number of shootings and police brutality that occured this year. Tracks like “We Will Not” and “40 Acres,” as well as the rest of the EP promote a great message of getting together and standing up for your rights, but as songs they feel like they’re not doing anything for me musically.