Bob Dylan is the classic example of turning something you’re not good at into a sensation. Dylan was never a good singer, but he found his sound, his niche, and turned “Bob Dylan,” into a house-hold name. Now at age 73, on his 36th studio album, the praised singer-songwriter icon takes on songs made famous by another famous artist, Frank Sinatra. Shadows in the Night, consists entirely of Sinatra pop standards, given the ol’ Bob Dylan croon. Backed by a full smooth jazz band, the record sets the tone of an evening from the past, a sweet and enchanting story of lost love. Hand picked himself, Dylan seems to have chosen those with the hardest nostalgia toward romantic regret, but besides the songs being originally recorded by Sinatra, Dylan makes them all his very own. For the picky or even casual modern day music listener, this may not be anything you would come upon or even enjoy. But for the special few who perk up to the sound of a Frank Sinatra cover album by Bob Dylan, (like me), then get ready to be serenaded like you haven’t in years.