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  1. As a classically trained musician of a-hem age I enjoy your writing and pointing me in the direction should I ever get off my high horse and try to understand my son when he talks about music these days. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wonderful post – it’s quite interesting that in the past music have taken a rebellious stance on political figures such as Punk vs Margaret Thatcher; however it seems in modern austerity artists have resigned to just bask in their own self pity. Quite sad really; but then again does reflect the average person? Probably.

  3. Nah, DOOM kills it. People are saying he slurs but that’s a tough verse he wrote. Eso’s was my favorite first dozen listens though.

  4. I felt the same when started to listen to the new album. Suck simplistic, almost shitty lyrics… Artists lose their creativity when they repeat themselves

  5. I really like the idea of algorithmic thinking applied to everyday life. In regards to the PE example, he mentioned, I feel it’s understanding what’s of value in different scenarios and hacking (in this case practicing basketball) until your somewhat decent. On a macro level, PE is for teaching physical education, but on the micro (in his particular class), maybe basketball was an everyday thing for the students to stay active. It actually was like that when I was in school, lol.

    But overall, the article was dope and provided clear insight into his mental…something very rare these days.

  6. Fleet Foxes was my favorite band through those two albums, and when I listen to them now, I am brought back to a place of fond memories and late-night, windows down drives. They sound endlessly nostalgic to me. While I love Crack-Up, I mostly agree with you here, in that it doesn’t necessarily resonate with any experiences I’m having now, but brings me back to that place where indie-rock was at its peak. For that, I love it, but I don’t think it’ll be able to accurately sound like or reflect THIS time in my life the same way the others did when I look back later.

  7. That was a really well written post, I really like how I learned something about the group itself, as I hadn’t known anything about them previously. Great read and good job!