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  1. The House of Dragons is a terrible series and a disservice to the mystique of GOT. From episode 1 through 6 it is all over the place. There is absolutely no continuity at all in this series. You keep waiting for something to happen, but then something out of left field appears.

  2. Omg I love the show sandman it’s amazing please make more and if u have can’t wait to see them so amazing

  3. Trying to find an old kung fu classic about a gang of gun toting thugs who lay seige to a small village and the citizens have to fight back using only their martial arts skill. Circa mid to late 70’s. Possibly early 80’s

  4. Got to be honest this list points out some of the greats but where is the works of Sammo Hung apart from wheels on meals?? The odd couple is an amazing weapons movie with Lau Kar Wing and Sammo really delivering with the sword vs spear techniques, what about Encounters of the Spooky Kind, Magnificent Butcher or even The Victim??? You mentioned The Prodigal Son in which Sammo turned the art of Wing Chun into a cinematic masterpiece(so much better than the ipman movies, which are good). This leads to other films staring Yuen Biao, knockabout for one!!!!

    Wheres the Yuen Clans movies, not the modern wire fu ones but the originals like Miracle Fighters(has some really inventive fights) to shaolin drunkard and most importantly Dance of the drunk mantis!!! Again leads to more Hwang Jang Lee movies, where is the secret rivals?

    Where is beardy (Leung Kar Yan)???? One of his classics is the Thundering Mantis, the first kung fu film I ever bought!!!!

    I have to stop now as I could go on for hours about this, in a nutshell, decent list but missing some game changers for sure!!!

  5. A movie I really enjoyed that hasn’t made alot of these lists is True Legend. It has alot of great kung fu styles that are portrayed and choreographed well. But I also agree that the Legend of the Drunken Master is one of the best.

  6. Your list is way too biased toward older films. How is there only ONE Jet Li movie?? It should definitely include Chan’s Drunken Master 2 and something from Jet Li’s Once Upon a Time in China or Fong Sai Yuk series or classics such as Swordsman II or Fist of Legend or even one of his modern-era films like Bodyguard from Beijing. I would also throw in Yen’s Flash Point because it showcases the growing influence of MMA. And your list doesn’t take into account the expansion of Thai martial arts movies or the advent of Indonesian films like The Raid series or The Night Comes for Us. If you had to pick top 5 or 10, I might understand, but top 40?

  7. This is an excellent list.. I’ve seen many who’ve tried & to me failed to make a comprehensive list but it’s hard if you didn’t grow up in the era. I’d be surprised if you weren’t from NYC where every Sat at 3p we were all glued to the TV to see what new gem Chinese cenima would give us. It kind of made me a connoisseur of Kung Fu flicks bc of growing up in the 70’s & 80’s in NYC where this amazing sub-culture permeated all of us (as represented thru Wu-Tang Clan) & we went to 42nd St to watch & or pretended to fight in the streets as kids like the Master Killer. Only thing I didn’t like mentioned was Karate Kid.. I understand to a point it brought Kung Fu to a new audience of kifd.. but it was a silly movie to me coming off what China was putting out. That said loved the little extra movies drops in synopsis so ppl could embrace other classics. I can see you know the genre well & couldn’t put every classic in it (ie: Magificent Butcher, Shaolin v Lama) but I’d be interested in you putting out just your Golden Era (roughly ’75-‘ 85) list of top flicks for the people. Thanks

  8. As a classically trained musician of a-hem age I enjoy your writing and pointing me in the direction should I ever get off my high horse and try to understand my son when he talks about music these days. Keep up the good work!

  9. Wonderful post – it’s quite interesting that in the past music have taken a rebellious stance on political figures such as Punk vs Margaret Thatcher; however it seems in modern austerity artists have resigned to just bask in their own self pity. Quite sad really; but then again does reflect the average person? Probably.

  10. Nah, DOOM kills it. People are saying he slurs but that’s a tough verse he wrote. Eso’s was my favorite first dozen listens though.

  11. I felt the same when started to listen to the new album. Suck simplistic, almost shitty lyrics… Artists lose their creativity when they repeat themselves

  12. Fleet Foxes was my favorite band through those two albums, and when I listen to them now, I am brought back to a place of fond memories and late-night, windows down drives. They sound endlessly nostalgic to me. While I love Crack-Up, I mostly agree with you here, in that it doesn’t necessarily resonate with any experiences I’m having now, but brings me back to that place where indie-rock was at its peak. For that, I love it, but I don’t think it’ll be able to accurately sound like or reflect THIS time in my life the same way the others did when I look back later.

  13. That was a really well written post, I really like how I learned something about the group itself, as I hadn’t known anything about them previously. Great read and good job!