Here on the Roseandblog, there’s a lot of content, but it’s hard to cover everything right away, especially when there are so many artists making amazing music every day. So, I’ve created some playlists that I’ve been using, that I’d love to share with you all.

These playlists will be publicly available, as well as updated weekly, and they’ll showcase the latest and greatest in music. So listen along with me, and check out some new ways to discover new music from the Roseandblog!


Image of Run-DMC by Ed Piskor from ‘Hip-Hop Family Tree’

The freshest there is—TOO FRESH is a quick half-hour of the latest and greatest. TOO FRESH provides listeners with a quick, curated, half-hour compilation record of the freshest and best picks in music.

As with all of these playlists, TOO FRESH will be updated as new material is released every Friday! Listen to TOO FRESH via Apple Music or for an hour on Spotify.

Roseandblog 200

Image of Afrika Bambaataa by Ed Piskor from ‘Hip-Hop Family Tree’

200 tracks and over 12+ hours of music, the Roseandblog 200 features the best pop, hip-hop/rap, R&B, and indie rock tracks of the past year. Hitting shuffle is recommended, as this playlist is kept in order and updated from oldest to newest added.

As with all of these playlists, the Roseandblog 200 will be updated every when new music is released every Friday! Listen to the Roseandblog 200 via Apple Music and Spotify.

Main Feature

Image of Grandmaster Flash by Ed Piskor from ‘Hip-Hop Family Tree’

Is 200 tracks too daunting? Try Main Feature. A movie length, Drake double-disc record of a playlist. If you missed the latest TOO FRESH update, Main Feature is comprised of the past three weeks or so of TOO FRESH playlists.

As with all of these playlists, Main Feature will be updated every Friday when new albums are released! Listen to Main Feature via Apple Music or Spotify.

Roseandblog 2017 All-New Giant-Size

Feeling adventurous? There’s also Kanye West’s Five Beats A Day For Three Summers, a full discography-spanning playlist of the songs that Kanye West has sampled from College Dropout to the latest release as of this post (7/13/2018). See if you can spot every sample.

I hope you enjoy these playlists, as well as those already posted from the 2018 Roseandblog Freshman Class, the 2017 Class, and the nominees for the 2017 Man of the Bounce Award, with new featured playlists added every year.

There’s also more to come, so let me know what you think of what you hear and if you have any suggestions for a weekly or monthly column of playlists on the Roseandblog! As always, drop your thoughts in the comments below.