Perry Joslin might have been playing piano at the age of three, but his music career hadn’t truly begun until he entered his early forties. Retiring from a world as “Partner/Managing Director for the State of Florida at the KPMG LLP tax, audit, and consulting firm,” as his AllMusic biography confirms, Joslin dove head first into music, releasing his first project of smooth jazz in 2003.

Trading crunching numbers for pressing keys, Joslin returns on Dreams of Reality, a record full of glistening melodies and incredibly bright production. The piano glides on opening track “Awakening,” which also features some tight drum fills, and the saxophone soars on “Toucan.”

Tracks like “Strut” show Joslin branching out into rockier grooves, and even having unscripted fun, calling out “I got a better groove!” on the track of the same title. “Elephant Swing” explores looser, more bass heavy lounge-stylings, and closing track “It Was You” has Joslin incorporating guitar with some light Bossanova influenced, Journey-esque tones.

“I know the chords so well the songs come directly from my head to my fingers and the scoring,” Joslin wrote on his official Facebook page. “Though I didn’t write anything down for years, I do now.”

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