You might have heard of Westside Gunn. He’s a rapper signed to Eminem’s Shady Records (as well as his brother Conway), and after a stream of mixtapes starting in 2012, he released his debut project FLYGOD in March 2016. Regardless of barely hearing his name unless you really follow hip-hop closely, he’s got some things to say, and most of them revolve around how he thinks he’s the greatest and most inventive MC and businessman alive.

“Me taking this break is so refreshing,” he begins, following up with the statement: “I swear I’m the Illest.”

Humility seems to big a big theme recently, as more and more people don’t have it. Not only does Gunn say that everyone is copying him for selling shits, hats, and vinyl’s at their shows, which people were doing before he was born, but also his sound and “original” story. “I hate this Industry, I hate these labels, I hate these DJs, I hate these rap niggas,” he rants.

Here’s the thing: be proud of what you’ve accomplished, in any field, I’ll give him that. He was signed to Shady Records, and that’s no small feat, but you can’t go around saying that you were the first artist to sell merch, and everyone else selling merch is now copying you. You just have to know you’re wrong, and I don’t know why people say these things.

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