Nardwuar, a legendary and eccentric Canadian music investigative journalist and YouTube personality, is known for his awkward interviews involving questions about the artist’s personal lives that usually involve facts and stories Nardwuar should have no reason knowing about. In his latest episode with singer-songwriter Daniel Caesar, Nardwuar brings up stories of Caesar’s childhood, getting sick on a boat, his father’s early music career, and even the first girl he wrote a song about, Bethany. “How do you know about that?” Daniel Caesar asks, with Nardwuar responding “we have to know, you’re Daniel Caesar.”

Nardwuar always makes up the seemingly uncomfortable yet intriguing interviews with loads of amazing gifts however, as Daniel Caesar starts to get emotional even through further questions after Nardwuar presents him with pins of his father’s first-pressed single. Read the Roseandblog review of Daniel Caesar’s debut album Freudian, and watch the full interview with Nardwuar below, as well as his late night performance of “Get You” on Seth Meyers: