With previous rap battles of Halle Berry vs. James Corden and Usher vs. Anthony Anderson, the new TBS show Drop the Mic, hosted by Wu-Tang’s Method Man, has pitted celebrity against celebrity in no holds barred comedic rap battles. The fourth round of Dawson’s Creek actor James Van Der Beek vs. Randall Park, actor of ABC’s Off the Boat, HBO’s Veep, and Kim Jong-Un the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy film The Interview. Van Der Beek grounded in his success from Dawson’s Creek having the crown shout back to “when I say ‘Van Der’, you say ‘Beek!’,” volleyed by Park’s attacks on Van Der Beek as a washed up actor. Park was the clear winner, and honestly the best celebrity rapper on the show thus far, displaying more complicated rhyme schemes that the simple end-rhyme (AABB) format.

Best lines:

“They said I’m battlin’ Randall Park, and I was like ‘oh, I guess that’s what happens when you can’t get John Cho'” – James Van Der Beek

“You couldn’t handle Randall, I’m a boss on the beat/My flow fresh off the boat, got Dawson up shit’s creek/without a paddle, don’t even try to battle, don’t bore us/’cause I’m a do you like Bruce Lee did Chuck Norris” – Randall Park

“I first saw you in The Interview, where you played Kim Jong in a movie that almost got our whole country bombed/then it went into theaters and it actually bombed/only people who bought tickets were your dad and your mom” – James Van Der Beek

“Yeah I’m speaking on this white bread pretty little bitch, got me wonderin’ “am I battlin’ Abercrombie or Fitch?” – Randall Park

Watch the full rap battle below:

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