Jamie Foxx might have people trying to beat Shazam, but Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan has celebrities going head-to-head in rap battles, something I thought would be crazy corny until Halle Berry showed James Corden, the show’s creator, what’s what.

Corden went after Berry’s role as Catwoman before moving onto dissing her divorces, while Berry called Corden a prude and made light of how nicely he’s treated political guests such as Sean Spicer. Halle Berry easily won, as Method Man, the judge, clearly agreed, citing that he has the final say because he was Wu-Tang.

Best lines:

“Halle is a classic, this whole thing’s tragic, you’re just Viola Davis but not as charismatic.” – James Corden

“No wonder you’re so angry and pushy, of course you hated Catwoman you never get pussy.” – Halle Berry

Watch the whole rap battle below:

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