I last talked about Future two years ago with the release of his record DS2, an 18-track album full of hazy club bangers from the Atlanta rapper that encapsulated what it felt like to be high out of your mind on lean. It was followed up with EVOL, a more pop-focused record that featured the hit “Low Life” with the Weeknd, but it still didn’t lack any of the heavy lean consumption or repetitive melodies. With Future and HNDRXX, two records released within a week of each other that both went to #1 on Billboard, Future not only presents us with most of the same kind of redundant material, but also some more abhorrent lyrics.

On the other hand, while I understand that no one is listening to Future for his lyricism, I firmly stand by the opinion that dance-able music can still have great lyrics. Future however, tends to fall into the category of today’s rap-lyrics generator. The track “Rent Money” is about having to sell drugs to pay for rent, but he strays from that idea back to a song about nothing pretty quickly. The hit “Mask Off” might have a great beat, but throughout the entire song in which he’s supposedly showing you his real self, his lyrics don’t differ from any other track on the record.

It’s almost as if he doesn’t even care. He even says it himself on the aptly named last track “I’m Sorry” that he “ain’t really tryin’.” HNDRXX opens up with a song about how every time he hooks up with a girl they become part of his “collection,” which is pretty messed up sounding if you ask me, and on “Damage” he says the phrase (and I kid you not): “gushy gush so soaky / I put it in, go so deep.” As theNeedleDrop put it justly, “I can’t think of two words that would end sex faster than ‘gushy gush so soaky.'”

By the time I get to the end of HNDRXX and he apologizes to me on the song “I’m Sorry” for making such a horrible record, I honestly just hope he’s alright. It was bad enough having to sit through the whole two hours of new Future music, I can’t imagine living it. Every now and then he does present a good melodic flow or beats that really bang, but it’s a shame that the song is ruined by it being about Future bragging that my girlfriend is now having sex with him instead. I know Future’s music is just hype music built for the club, but there’s something about everybody dancing to a song about how this guy who’s on a lot of lean just stole your girl. That’s not my idea of a party.

When it comes down to it, most of Future’s music is just relentlessly monotonous, devoid of any value, and depressingly un-listenable past the first minute, which is a real shame considering how great his sound and production has always been. While 2015’s DS2 might have been, at the vert least, a unique sounding record about the experience of being so far gone that you just become a raging party animal incapable of feeling anything, it’s not as interesting a story (if that) four more albums down the line.