The Week in Music Politics:

This week saw the annual Met Gala, a fundraising event attended by the rich and famous at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Attendees included Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez & A-Rod, Future, Rami Malek, Childish Gambino, The Weeknd & Selena Gomez, Riz Ahmed, and too many others to write down.

Highlights included a “tired” Diddy who laid down on the steps (above), Jaden Smith holding his own cut-off dreadlocks, Katy Perry looking like the bride of Beetlejuice, Rihanna looking like a giant flower, Lil Yachty in a white top hat, and a Frank Ocean not wanting to be there just trying to slide on through.

The plans for the Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s Jackson Park were unveiled today, with a room supposedly dedicated for a recording studio for his favorite artists. See the plans here.

On a different note, a play written by Steve Bannon has recently surfaced titled “The Thing I Am,” based off of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and the 1992 L.A. Riots. It was apparently originally supposed to be a hip-hop musicial, but NowThis got a table read together so that we could experience Steve Bannon’s take on black culture in modern-Shakespearean style. Including characters such as “Baby Gangsta” and awkward crotch grabbing, it’s as weird and offensive as it sounds. Watch it here.

As the House of Representatives voted through their replacement Healthcare bill to repeal Obamacare, John Legend tweeted: “House GOP literally voting to let people die. This sounds hyperbolic but it isn’t. Make them regret this vote,” asking people to call upon their representatives. “Paul Ryan lies about this bill constantly,” he continued after reports of exemptions for congressman: “no wonder congress is exempting themselves from its provisions.”

The Week in Music #NoRoleModelz:

In reference to J. Cole’s track “No Role Modelz” off the platinum-with-no-features record 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the following is an account of musicians and artists that left us all disappointed with their behavior this week:

Last week, Kodak Black’s probation case was ruled guilty. After the hearing this week, his sentence was given: an additional 364 days (a.k.a. a year), or just one month if he completes a “life skills course.” Sounds fun.

A arrest warrant was put out for Chief Keef in Miami. He failed to show up to his court date about his DUI & marijuana possession, so now they’re out for him.

The Week in Music Business:

So, now we come to the failed FYRE Fest. If you haven’t heard about it already, the Ja Rule hosted luxury musical festival in the Bahamas went from bad to disaster real quick. So much so, that they’ve been banned from ever coming back and are being sued by two separate entities for over $100 million in damages each.

Tickets ran from several hundred dollars to as much as $250,000 for the VIP package, with promised amenities as Spin reports of “villa-style housing, gourmet catering, beach yoga, and bikini-clad models aboard rented jet skis and yachts.” When the ticket-holders got there, they learned that headliners Blink-182 had already pulled out, dinner was a cheese sandwich, they stood in an under-staffed gravel lot, and then it was cancelled and everyone sent home after hours of waiting as FYRE tried to schedule flights off the island everyone was stuck on.


The Week in Music Charts:

New records were set this week. The Chainsmokers are now the second act ever to spend a year in Billboard’s Top 10 for their songs “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and now “Something.” At 52 weeks in a row, they beat out Drake at 51 (from 2015-2016) and Rihanna at 46 (from 2010-2011). The longest streak is held by Katy Perry for 69 weeks (also from 2010-2011).

Also this week, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. was certified platinum after only being out for just three weeks, making it the highest selling album of 2017. For comparison, it took his last record, To Pimp a Butterfly, nine months to go platinum.

The Week in Music Lawsuits:

It appears the new Summer sun has gotten people pretty excited because everyone is suing everyone. Apparently Jay Z’s Roc Nation no longer has the right to sell hats with Major League Baseball logos on them but they’re doing it anyway, even though some MLB teams had thought the deal was re-approved. Read the complaint here.

A Mexican hotel has named itself Hotel California and according to the lawsuit filed by the Eagles, the hotel has been “actively encouraging guests to believe that the establishment is in some way associated with the band,” even though it is in no way tied to the group.

Lyor Cohen’s management company is suing Travis Scott over unpaid fees. Travis owes them 15% of what he makes in entertainment, but they state that they’ve only been given $37,000 of the alleged $2 million they’re owed. Travis’ people say Lyor’s company hasn’t upheld their end of the contract. He’s got a lot to worry about this week apparently, as at earlier show in NYC, his fans jumped off the balcony. ouch.

The Week in Music Merch:

Collector's Edition<br />How To Make Lemonade Box SetBeyoncé looks to capitalize on the success of Lemonade with a collectors edition vinyl box set worth $300 that comes with a 600-page coffee table book. You can pre-order it here, or just the $30 vinyl, but if you ask me, a 600-page Beyoncé photo book ain’t worth $270.

Also available this week is Jhene Aiko’s sandals via Teva, whichc an be purchased here. Plus, Pharrell’s Adidas sneaker will arrive in stores tomorrow.

Kanye & Kim’s children’s clothing line is due out this upcoming week. Check out the updates and photos of what it may look like so far via The Fader

The Week in Music Oddities:

50 Cent is the newest rapper to get his own television show. According to his Instagram, BET has green lighted “50 Central,” a new sketch-comedy show in which 50 Cent is hoping to discover the “next great stand up comedian.” Why 50 Cent? No idea. A premiere date has yet to be announced.

lennon hc cvr prh Graphic novel recounting John Lennons New York years previewed in new trailer    watchFan of comics and John Lennon? Well, today’s your lucky day! A graphic novel about John Lennon entitled Lennon: The New York Years is due out later this month. See a review over at Consequence of Sound and catch the animated trailer here.

The Week in Music Releases:

  • Logic – Everybody
  • Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog
  • Blondie – Pollinator
  • Organized Noize – The ONP EP

Lastly, In a funnier lawsuit case, Eminem has sued a New Zealand campaign video that used an unauthorized “Lose Yourself.” Watch a video of the case below, in which lawyers silently and uncomfortably sit through a listening of “Lose Yourself” in the courtroom.