Lord please take this song out of my head. It has nothing to do with Drake, other that they both took L’s that somehow became massive W’s this year. Not only are they a physical music representation of the rich kids of Instagram, but it broke the doors down for people to start taking lyric video’s seriously, as if there was an actual necessity for that.

VIEWS was a bad record, and the fact that Drake still sells higher than every other artist (besides Mozart) is astounding. The songs here on VIEWS are boring, devoid of any lyrical quality, require only a surface level intellect, aren’t innovative, and did I mention boring? It sounds like someone put unprocessed drums over filtered Castlevania music while Drake spills “all his emotions tonight.” It’s vapid music, and honestly is way overhyped.

Compared to the genius of some records that came out this year, I fully stand by the opinion that Drake wasn’t worth anyone’s time in 2016. Drake’s “reign,” if he ever had one, should be over. Riding the #1 charts for the longest in 2016, I’d love to get their songs out of my head. It’s horrible. Please get them out of my head.