Universally panned, Coolaid is Snoop Dogg’s 14th record and came out this Summer following his pop record Bush with Pharrell Williams. For the longest time it seems, for some reason, Snoop raps like he’s only got a select number of words that he can’t exceed on each verse. He barely says anything anymore. Even Snoop’s contemporaries like Too Short sound out of words and depressingly rusty. There’s also an awkward Gary Newman sample on “My Carz,” two too many Swizz Beatz features, and a record 20 tracks, and 77 minutes long. Nothing against Snoop Dogg, he’s a legend, but no one can be on top forever and Snoop is definitely way past his prime.

logic-bobbyLogic has had some decent cuts before on Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story, but I haven’t felt like a “Logic fan” yet, with the young white rapper more aptly placed on my watch list. Sounding like you can name his influences as they appear, Logic puts himself on a plateau that he’s never reached or gained, and what could have been honest aspirations come off as arrogant delusions. Apparently he’s also a racist now, naming his next album “AfricAryaN,” described as “the evolution of man, scientifically proven the first man and woman from Africa and then how over time culturally evolving into lighter and lighter and much fairer skin…,” so things aren’t looking good for Logic.

This is the part where I question why I even make these reviews. Why even talk about 2 Chainz? He’s always just been a novelty right? Is there even a good 2 Chainz verse, like not just on these two mixtapes, I’m talking has there even been a good 2 Chainz verse? Besides being kind of racist and appropriating a culture he knows nothing about other than the karate kid, 2 Chainz has dove into career ending territory. As if his verse on “No Problem” from Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book wasn’t enough to end him. The intro and first track of Daniel Son; Necklace Don is all the example you need to never listen to him again.