Lil Yachty is what happens when the internet has its way. Like a man somehow raising $1,501 for an $8 burrito on kickstarter, the novelty of Lil Yachty has far exceeded where it should have stopped. As Joey Bada$$ joked on “World Domination,” from his 1999 mixtape, “who the fuck passed you the mic, and said that you could flow? Point him out. I wanna know.” The sad part is that the person that gave him the mic and let him do this horrible, awful album was us. We let this happen.

He’s rapping about sailing for god’s sake. One of his producers is named “Digital Nas.” It’s almost as if all of the horrible Soundcloud rappers came together to form one giant rat king to terrorize the rap world. He made XXL’s 2016 Freshmen Class… how? Is that Young Thug and Quavo on track 3? Why? A dude named “Skippa Da Flippa” is legit on two tracks here. He samples music from Super Mario 64 on track 8. Like a fourteen year-old discovering auto-tune, Lil Yachty sounds as if he’s going through puberty. His idea of “fun” comes off as irritating, like a clown that only makes snake balloon animals or a two-foot slide. The result: Lil Yachty, who somehow got on a Chance record, and who somehow exists at all. Like Donald Trump getting this far in the 2016 election, this is our mistake, and one with an unknown outcome that we’ll just have to live with.