For this review, as I listened to VIEWS at three in the morning, I decided to go with a stream of consciousness style of reviewing where I would just write down whatever my thoughts were exactly as they were happening while listening to the album. I usually do this kind of thing and then turn it into a well worded review later, which is what you normally read. However, seeing as I could care less for this record and I think my stream of consciousness notes said pretty much everything that I was going to say, I’m just gonna reproduce them here, as I did through a series of Twitter posts. So, follow along with your tracklists as you listen. Without further ado, here’s “Notes as I listen to #Drake’s #VIEWS”:

– track 1 seems like his version of Kanye West’s “Real Friends” the production is actually quite horrible like what?
– 9 begins and reminds me why Drake can’t rap. and the music literally sounds like he’s just free-styling over Castlevania or some shit. why does this record sound so bad from an engineered standpoint?
– Who keeps calling Drake? Is this just gonna all be a Hotline Bling reference at the end?
– Nice DMX sample on U With Me
– still sounds like someone put unprocessed drums over filtered Castlevania music
– nothing musically exciting on the first three tracks, it’s basically all just calm synths, hard staccato drum patterns, and Drake’s lyrics
– what are with these weird track outro’s?
– none of these tracks so far seem like “songs”
– wait like what am I listening to though what even is this so far?
– okay no one can tell me “Hype” doesn’t sound like Castlevania. I fully stand behind this reference comparison now.
– I feel like I’ve already heard everything he’s gonna give me on this album and it’s been 5 tracks
– why couldn’t I get a whole album of Hotline Bling’s? That same song on repeat for 20 times is better than this
– oh track 6 has potential
– wait nope.
– uggg Drake shut up or change your flow or something god shut up
– I feel like the album cover is great for the album because it emphasizes how little his importance actually is
– man I really liked Hotline Bling
– might bring back the #drakesucks
– but whoever was PartyNextDoor except for a Drake feature?
– god I’m not even halfway through?
– Pimp C’s half a verse on “Faithful” is the best verse on the record so far.
– bring back Pimp C
– update: he didn’t bring back Pimp C
– man I’m just deleting all of these tracks after I listen to them, sad
– “Still Here” almost dope as it could be
– this is all so much drake
– so I heard “One Dance” when he released it with “Pop Style” and I remember thinking it was god awful and I stand by that
– if anyone tries to compare drake’s VIEWS to kendrick’s untitled umastered. again like they did If You’re Reading This and To Pimp A Butterfly, I’m gonna jump off a building
– is Future doing a Desiinger impression? haha
– Childs Play is dope though, except for the parts where they awkwardly fade him out for no reason
– did he really not put Kanye’s verse on Pop Style on the record? But he was a better Drake. maybe that’s why
– also Jay-Z’s one line is rapped by someone else like what who was that? was that drake?
– get to the rihanna part already
– hahahaha is it bad that Summer’s Over Interlude is my favorite track on the record? no joke it is though for real
– do I skip “Fire & Desire” based off the track name? eh, I won’t
– should have
– I never wanted this record to feel like a waste of time but congrats Drake, I now officially dislike another one of your records
My VIEWS edited-tracklist:
1) Still Here
2) Child’s Play
3) Pop Style (but the one with Kanye & Jay-Z)
4) Summer’s Over Interlude
5) Hotline Bling – Single
– “Summer’s Over Interlude” is the best track on the record
– that’s it, bye thanks

The best twitter comments on my listening notes included:
– “your buggin lol” – @Kay_Legendary
– “fuvking this fam……these notes resonate in my soul” – @muxiqboi
– “you need a hobby” – @hellothere9099
– “Listening to #VIEWS is the equivalent of hearing a small noise during a nap, waking up, looking around the room and going back to sleep.” – @Shadowpimp723

Well that’s that then. Drake isn’t good so onto better records.