I never went nuts for Nuts 4 Nuts for cats like everyone on the internet did since Google Images came out and everyone simultaneously connected their MySpace pages to their Live Journal’s & Blogspot’s, until Tumblr and Reddit came along and opened the pandora’s box of being able to upload lolcat meme’s from Icanhascheezburger.com to the internet and then link it back to Facebook so everyone can know how good you are at internetz. I hadn’t even joined Facebook until about a year ago, and it was really only to promote this, so excuse me if the mention of Live Journal or MySpace made you gag of disgusting nostalgia for a bit. If you want I can include a little audio link to that AOL Dial-Up noise too, and you can add the screaming of, “Mom get off the phone, I need to use the internet!” yourself.

But Run the Jewels 2 was amazing, and El-P and Killer Mike’s gift of Drake-like internet prowess sprung the perfect idea to gain even more internet success: if you pay for it, we’ll remix RTJ2 with cat sounds. Needless to say, the $40,000 goal for the Kickstarter raised over $60,000, and well known producers like Just Blaze, Zola Jesus, Prince Paul, Boots, The Alchemist and Dan the Automator stepped up for the cat remix challenge. “Thank you for forcing us to make this very stupid album. All Profits go to charity,” tweeted El-P. But the tweets didn’t stop there. Unbeknownst to me, El-P is pretty good at the Twitter.

  • “We did it for you, Mike Brown and Eric Garner.”
  • “Gonna stick to making human records from here on out.”
  • “Meow the Jewels Drinking Game: listen to the album. every time you feel like you can’t take cat sounds any more take a shot. guaranteed fun.”
  • “A lot of people are saying it might even go catinum.”
  • “Can’t wait to read the first serious review of Meow the Jewels by some poor bastard who thinks it’s a serious album.”

Because it’s not a serious album, it’s just what was a great album remixed with cat sounds cause we can. There shouldn’t be any reviews really. If anything, this review is just to celebrate that they actually did it, no matter how ridiculous or horrible some of it sounds, cause it should. Why would a cat remix album sound good? How would it? This review is also to celebrate my 100th review since creating the Roseandblog. Like a Run the Jewels 2 cat remix album, it’s something I never thought would happen, but I’m really glad that it has.