For those that aren’t that big into rap/hip-hop, or for those that are but still might have no idea who Jay Rock is, because honestly for T.D.E. and the Black Hippy group, Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q are the real popular standouts, while it seems like Jay Rock & Ab-Soul are the second roster, you might have heard him on Kendrick’s Good Kid M.A.A.D. City track “Money Trees,” of which he has made a sequel to here on 90059. A zip-code from Los Angeles, CA, 90059 is an amalgamation of what seems like real introspective dialogue and some usual meaningless rap “let’s make a song about money & women and see if it sticks” tactics.

There’s something about Jay Rock’s voice where he can be the right amount of hype like on “Money Trees,” or the right amount of chill like on “Fly on the Wall,” but there’s these other times like on the chorus of “The Ways” where it’s just so intensely unmusical and scream like over a track that doesn’t call for it, or on “90059” where it’s just straight insane and honestly extremely obnoxious. I can’t even listen to “90059” without having to turn it off once the chorus comes in, and the Black Hippy cut, other than seeming funny in flow for like a minute, doesn’t actually show the skill of any of the rappers, and is crazy repetitive.

“Money Trees Deuce” was an interesting idea though the song is a bit chiller than its predecessor, as well as by not featuring Kendrick Lamar. “Fans inspired me to do ‘Money Trees Deuce'” he explains on the annotations for the track on Rap Genius. “Every time I was online or going to the store or for a walk—’Man, that ‘Money Trees’ is one of my favorite verses of all time.’ So I took it upon myself and I hit the homie K Dot, like, ‘How do you feel doing a part two to ‘Money Trees?’ He was like, ‘Man, go in there and do that shit,'” so he did. Those three ending tracks are definitely the best.

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