People love Future, and I have never understood why. It’s amazing the way he describes his music and the lyrics he writes like:

“The things I’m talking about is basically me just getting over certain situations, me using drugs as an alternate route to be able to overcome certain things in your life that you feel like you don’t want to get to you. It’s like me copping out, taking the easy route, you could say. By substituting my problems or my pain with codeine or whatever.”

and then after all that deep introspective thought into his own psyche and realizing his mistakes and his struggle through them, he releases an album full of hazy club bangers that seemingly don’t even dive into those issues with any sort of intelligence past the third grade or vocabulary of more than 40 words, max.

And while that may seem harsh, I mean, people go crazy for Future and put him on best rappers currently lists, gets fantastic ratings on pretty much every popular music critic website: Pitchfork, Complex, Spin, Billboard, XXL, but I just don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.

DS2, which is supposedly about his complications with his drug addiction, is more like he took a ton of drugs and then just flopped on the ground in the studio and just slurred the entire album in one sitting, to which his producers, must have passed out at the console and smashed their faces into the “bounce to disc” button on their way down. I honestly can barely understand a single thing Future says on this record, especially since some songs are just the same flow and same sentence throughout 80% of the song, like on the Drake collaborated “Where Ya At.” And it’s 18 songs? an hour of unrelenting Future? of this?

Not that it really matters that I can’t understand what he says however, because I looked up most of the lyrics on and it wasn’t any better to know. Here are my horrific favorites:

 – “I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops” – “Thought It Was A Drought”

– “I just took a piss and I seen codeine coming out” –  ‘^’ (wow, great grammar Future)

– “I’m gon’ drop that bag on ya / don’t make me drop that bag on ya” – “Lil One”

 – “Bounce that ass make your knees touch your elbows” – “Freak Hoe”

– “I had to spank little shawty with my jeans on” – “Rotation”

– “Jump out my new whip like I’m a slave master” – “Slave Master”

– “I woke up feeling like fuckin’  up this paper” – “Blow a Bag”

– “We’ve been at the laundromat all day” – “Blood on the Money”

And the list just goes on and on and on. I’d post the entire album’s lyrics here if I could, just to show how ridiculously and unnecessarily vulgar, pointless, and idiotic Future is.  If someone could explain to me why he’s so highly rated please feel free to contact me, write your own review, or comment below, because I desperately want to know. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

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