Syd the Kid and Matt Martians, members of Odd Future, formed The Internet back in 2011, and their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, was the first release for Odd Future Records. After releasing their second album, Feel Good, accompanied by a full touring band, hitting festivals like Governor’s Ball 2014, and backing up Mac Miller on his tour in London, Syd, Matt, and the gang are back with Ego Death.

The name, “The Internet,” actually originated from a joke. When people would ask Left Brain, one of the producers on Odd Future Records, where they were from, he’d respond, “we’re from the internet,” and then the name just kind of stuck. The name of their new release, Ego Death, is actually in regards to what happens to people on the internet. As Syd and Matt have said, it “is a call for an end to the zeroes-and-ones-fueled narcissism that characterizes the Internet age. For our generation, a lot of ego is based on follower counts or likes or retweets.”

But Ego Death isn’t supposed to be political or statement making, Syd and Matt just enjoy making music. Originally, the band was profiled due to Syd tha Kid’s lyrics and sexual orientation, but while the singer is, “totally supportive of the movement,” she never meant or wanted to be considered a “gay icon.” “It’s flattering,” she says, “but I want people to love me for my music.” And her, this isn’t a statement about being gay – I’m just another musician like all of you who enjoys making music, attitude is kind of refreshing. In the political climate of today, amidst a social-sexual revolution, it’s nice to see someone behind the attitude that their sexual orientation doesn’t have to be highlighted or influence their music, as we see sexual orientation and gender identification finally begin to be talked about and seep into being considered less of a big deal and commonplace in America.

Although Ego Death isn’t supposed to be all about Syd’s sexual orientation, the album is definitely full of songs about love and lust. Synth sound walls galore, Ego Death is very chill and Syd the Kid’s vocals are a perfect fit for the style and feel very natural. The Internet have always had a particular sound, utilizing Odd Future boom-bap style distorted drums in new-wave R&B music, and here on Ego Death, they do it as seamlessly as they always have.

But even with all their lyrics of love, lust, relaxing, and even slightly political on “Penthouse Cloud,” a song written after the Michael Brown verdict. Though as per usual, The Internet had no intention of making a political statement, saying that it’s not a political protest song, and that if anything, “it’s philosophical.” In an interview for Time magazine, Matt Martians says, it’s more about, “why? Just a big question, man, why?” Syd then chirps in with, “if everything happens for a reason, what’s the reason?” followed by a room full of shrugs. Like everyone else, they have a lot of questions, they ask the same philosophical questions as the rest of us, but when it comes to Ego Death, The Internet is all about music and feeling.

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