Czarface, the Brooklyn rap trio of Inspectah Deck (of the Wu-Tang Clan), 7L & Esoteric, formed along the method’s of MF Doom’s Operation Doomsday, Mm.. Food, & Ghostface Killah’s Iron Man, to make comic character sampled, boom-bap produced, hip-hop.

“The whole Czarface thing was supposed to be a hero to save Hip Hop,” said Inspectah Deck, “I really don’t think there were a lot of goals or things like that. For me right now, it’s taking off better than anticipated because I guess I underestimated the people’s need to hear something worth listening to.”

After the release of Wu-Tang’s A Better Tomorrow, it seems like everyone is out trying to make their solo records and get them out fast to try and get their audiences to forget A Better Tomorrow, something they seemed lazy and un-motivated to put out in the first place. With Raekwon’s album F.I.L.A. hitting the shelves to no applause, Ghostface Killah’s Sour Soul with BadBadNotGood feeling jazzy and smooth but nothing lyrically amazing, it seems it’s up to Inspectah Deck, always known as one of the most lyrical of the Wu-Tang Clan, to return with Crazface’s sequel to their self-titled debut, Every Hero Needs A Villain.

Much like MF Doom before them, the samples from old comic book television and radio shows appear throughout the record and create that nostalgic and villainous comic book profile nerd rap paradise that always rules underground hip-hop. Everything from Weapon X, to “I Am Groot,” to kids discussing if it was Han Solo or Greedo who shot first, to random comedic sample interruptions, producer 7L definitely deserves a spot in the boom-bap comic sample genre.

Backing up the rest of the group includes Esoteric & Inspectah Deck who fit over the beats as smoothly as El-P & Killer Mike as Run the Jewels. Groups like these make rap seem easy, and most importantly, fun. There’s nothing more entertaining that being able to hear in the song how much the rappers are enjoying themselves, and like Run the Jewels, I can hear that same feeling here with Czarface. With Run the Jewels becoming as popular as they are now, it might be safe to say that Every Hero Needs A Villain has placed Czarface on the throne of underground rap for 2015.

Listen via Apple Music and Spotify.