Disturbing, and reminiscent of Tyler, the Creator eating a cockroach from the ‘Yonkers” video, the artwork of At.Long.Last.A$AP, A$AP Rocky’s third, and yet again similarly named full length album, doesn’t necessarily scream inviting. As simple as the idea of A$AP Rocky is, there’s nothing simple about At.Long.Last.A$AP. Tracklist alone, there’s some 30+ engineers and producers who worked on the record, including reggaeton producer Hector Delgado & the illustrious Danger Mouse (of Danger Doom w/ MF Doom, Broken Bells, Gnarls Barkley, and production credits of Beck, The Black Keys, Gorillaz, U2,  Norah Jones, and Red Hot Chili Peppers).

But even with a team like that, it’s still A$AP Rocky. There hasn’t been much evolution to the sound, if anything he went a little more Drake-y, which is something I would never recommend any artist to do. It’s like chill-trap, and it’s kind of boring. It feels trapped between being hype and relaxing and it’s very uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that I don’t even really know what the hell Rocky is talking about most of the time. Yeah, not the parts where he’s talking about money, getting faded, or watching women strip; that’s pretty self explanatory. I’m talking more about when he gets into his Drake mood and thinks his lines are really ethereal and it’s really more along the lines of not making any sense or, “I see what you were trying to say but you sound like an idiot.” As for tracks go, surprise surprise that Kanye West & Mark Ronson have the best two beats on the record. “Holy Ghost” isn’t too bad, and it’s probably the most real or introspective track we’re ever to get from A$AP Rocky, and the Mark Ronson produced “Everyday,” is pretty jamming, but the lyrics are about as up to par as the rest of the record.

The real excitement of the album is the Kanye West produced “Jukebox Joints,” where Kanye drops in at the end delivering the most “Kanye” verse of all time. By that I mean, it’s another great Kanye moment, like the Sway interview, changing his album name to SWISH after posting like 8 nude pictures of Kim to instagram saying “SWISH,” or deciding the greatest rap verse of all time was from not only one of his songs, but the second verse of his latest single, “New Slaves”. It’s up on that level. First off, I want to mention how this isn’t a good Kanye verse, it’s just so hilariously Kanye. Secondly, I’d like to ask forgiveness for switching my talk on A$AP Rocky’s new album to that of just Kanye West’s 40 second verse on track 9, but honestly it’s all I care about from this record. And with that, here’s the verse:

“What’s up bruh?
That all depends, with friends like you, who need friends
Sometimes the best advice is no advice,
especially when it’s your advice Oh!
Man, remember, your man was on stage dressed like a family member
Man, everything basic to Ye Guevara, that means Saint Laurent is my Zara
I remember Rochelle ain’t wanna fuck me with the polo
ay bitch you missed out, #fomo
I got one child, one child,
but I’m fuckin’, fuckin’, fuckin’ like I’m tryna make four more
They wanna throw me under a white jail
’cause I’m a black man with confidence of a white male, Hallelujah”

 Barely rapping, it’s more like a Kanye speech set to music, and kind of sung to some indeterminable melody that Kanye doesn’t even know of, and the vocals are mixed so loud that it’s just in your face and you can’t escape. The verse feels like a train wreck about to happen, and then the track ends. Best parts have to be the random, “Oh!” grunt on line 3, the fantastic “Ye Guevera,” references to the polo’s again, the #fomo, the one child and fuckin’ to make more line, and ending it with random racial undertones, god it’s just so unbelievably Kanye and it’s hilarious. And that voice he transitions to when he says, “ay bitch you missed out,” is probably one of the weirdest and uncomfortable things I’ve heard in a long time. As for A$AP Rocky however, while Kanye’s verse is amusing, it’s not anywhere close to great, or even considered a good rap verse, it’s just Kanye. I don’t mean to praise it, just highlight the hilarity of it all. In fact, I don’t mean to praise anything on At.Long.Last.A$AP, and would be completely fine if it was just The.Last.A$AP.

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