Wait, what is happening? Amidst regular Wale tracks, Seinfeld quotes thematically draw out intros or commentary before the song starts, and it has something to do with the song? And the quotes aren’t just samples because Jerry Seinfeld & Wale are friends? So the quotes are actual features? Wait, start over.

Okay. So, in 2013, Wale contacted Jerry Seinfeld after one of Seinfeld’s shows and apparently, Jerry details the interaction here:

“we hung out a little bit. He wanted me to do something with him. I didn’t understand it, but he did and then I kind of liked the guy, I dug the guy, and I listened to his music, I liked the music. So I said alright, I’ll do it, even though I didn’t know what I was going to do. So I said to my wife, ‘I’m doing this thing with this guy Wale’ and she said, ‘Wale is my favorite Hip Hop artist. I have every single thing.’ Somehow, she missed anything that had to do with me, but has every other cut, everything else he’s done. I said just type in Wale and me and see what comes up.”

Wale’s role for Seinfeld on the record is as he explained in 2014:

“He’s essentially like my conscience. You can look at him as kind of explaining what’s happening if you get lost during the story. He’ll come in and give you an update.”

Oh okay, it’s as insane as I thought it sounded. Perfect. For Wale, he’s got talent, he’s just never used it properly, and nothing epitomize’s that larger than The Album About Nothing does. It’s not the dumbest idea, but it’s sure as hell hard to be a smart idea. Not that I don’t love when Seinfeld interjects the song, like on “The Helium Balloon,” to update us as the album’s narrator, in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld, because it’s hilariously dumb and sounds awful, yet funny, but what was Wale thinking? Is this supposed to be the album that makes him really relevant? Wale is really Jerry Seinfeld’s wife’s favorite hip-hop artist?

The actual Seinfeld show samples are pretty cool, but there’s something about Jerry talking directly about Wale or the record that just makes it really odd, maybe it’s how much reverb Jerry’s voice has too. If Wale pulled off another “LoveHateThing” on this record, than it would at least have one awesome single, though, “The Need To Know (feat. SZA)” pulls off what the entire album should have been like: both Wale, his features, and Seinfeld show samples should be. But because it isn’t, I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on on The Album About Nothing, and Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t really help how lost am I listening to it, regardless of how great his “updates” are.

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